Followups Test Party #2 Starts Late, but We’ll Keep Going! (also, more testing next week)

You can now login to SETILive and help with the Follow-ups Testing. The 2nd test window almost came and went, but the final login server problem was solved about 30 minutes ago! So, the ATA staff is game to keep this party going until the Kepler Field “leaves the house” and starts to set below the horizon at 11:55AM EDT. So if you can, get on and classify anytime up until then to help us keep the healthy classification rate we have now going or maybe make it even higher!

We’ve got 30+ people classifying right now and that is amazing considering the frustrations and disappointment many probably experienced trying to log in. That rate should be enough to give us some follow-ups but more certainly wouldn’t hurt.

We will also be scheduling some more sessions in the next week and if things go well, we’ll soon be doing follow-ups all the time the ATA is active and giving you some live feedback on it in some form.

We don’t have the live notification protocol set up just yet, but we’ll let you know how it went when we go through this test data.

Thanks so much to all of our Citizen Scientists – you’re the best!


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