Followups Test Party Crashed by Gremlins – Let’s Try Again!

Last night at about 12 PM EDT, we were ready to do some full-function follow-up tests in the background and many dedicated users had responded to our request to log in and start classifying during the first of two predetermined testing windows. Just as all things were about to come into place,  the entire zooniverse site went down because our web service provider Amazon Web Services had a a major crash apparently due to a power failure. The situation was developing only minutes before our scheduled test so the timing couldn’t have been worse. This is a classic case of “Murphy’s Law”.

We are incredibly impressed and very grateful that so many of our SETIlive citizen scientists came to the party last night, we’re so sorry it was “crashed” by some major-league internet gremlins.

We have a second window scheduled in less than two and a half hours at 9 AM EDT and hope that folks will show up for this one too like they did last night. And let’s also hope the gremlins have been dispatched for good by that time.


7 responses to “Followups Test Party Crashed by Gremlins – Let’s Try Again!”

  1. Jere Brinkley says :

    Lou can’t log in and looks like it may be saying i am still logged in??

    • Lou Nigra says :

      Yes, zooniverse sites seem live, but apparently no one can log in to work on any projects at this time. There is a common server to verify user logins that’s still hasn’t recovered from the crash. Very sorry. We’re working on it.

      Jere, SETILive is apparently stuck in a state that thinks you’re still online because there’s no communication with the login service. This probably had to do with the exact timing of the crash. Why you? Probably just right place, doing something (like logging in or loggin out for instance) at exactly when the login service went down. You should be able to login normally along with everyone else when the system is working again. Watch this blog for an announcement that it’s working again and if you still have problems then, post it right here.

  2. Holland Vaughn says :

    I cannot log in either. Something about a server error over at zooniverse.

  3. Lou Nigra says :

    Probably the timing. Maybe you got in just before the login server went down the last time. We’re still having issues getting the entire system back up after the AWS crash. Your “ghost presence” on SETILive should clear once the systems is working again.

  4. Jere brinkley says :

    Recommend general broadcast when up and running again. Tks

  5. Mary says :

    It keeps saying “loading”, but it doesn’t go past that.


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