Thanks! Made Some Good Progress on Follow-ups

All that activity you brought to SETILive during our second testing session allowed us to find and fix a few bugs lurking in the machinery. We ended up getting a reasonable number of follow-up allowing us to track down and clean up a couple issues at SETILive’s end preventing the ATA from getting our requests for follow-ups.  This was not quite soon enough to catch the tail end of today’s ATA’s active window, which ended at 11:55 EDT. So, the telescope never had a chance to respond to the ET-like signals you found (Murphy’s Law again?).

Although we didn’t trigger any actual telescope follow-ups, we’re in good shape to start doing that sometime tomorrow when we test again. We don’t think we’ll need  any help at any particular time tomorrow, but we’ll let you know if that changes and we’ll let you know how it went.

We’re getting there. Thanks again!


One response to “Thanks! Made Some Good Progress on Follow-ups”

  1. George Collins says :

    Why can’t I access the feed? all I get is “LOADING”

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