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ATA Scheduled Shutdown

Don’t be alarmed! This is a good shutdown of the Allen Telescope Array this time. For 2 weeks.

The last SETI observation at the ATA will end at 6:55am Tuesday September 4, 2012 Pacific time. We will be shutdown for approximately 2 weeks.

We are upgrading the air conditioning system in our Signal Processing Room (SPR), the room containing the bulk of the ATA computers and electronics. The amount of computing equipment in the SPR keeps increasing and the air conditioning system is having trouble keeping things cool. This upgrade will allow us to comfortably operate more computers and increase the bandwidth of the SETI observations. All good.

During this period without live data SETILive will be making some changes to the site’s appearance, it’s structure and how the classifying process works, especially when the telescope is active. This is in preparation for live follow-ups being activated shortly after the ATA is operational again. Watch for further details here and on the Talk forum. Thank you very much for your dedication and continued participation in SETILive. We think you’ll like the changes that are coming.