ATA Scheduled Shutdown

Don’t be alarmed! This is a good shutdown of the Allen Telescope Array this time. For 2 weeks.

The last SETI observation at the ATA will end at 6:55am Tuesday September 4, 2012 Pacific time. We will be shutdown for approximately 2 weeks.

We are upgrading the air conditioning system in our Signal Processing Room (SPR), the room containing the bulk of the ATA computers and electronics. The amount of computing equipment in the SPR keeps increasing and the air conditioning system is having trouble keeping things cool. This upgrade will allow us to comfortably operate more computers and increase the bandwidth of the SETI observations. All good.

During this period without live data SETILive will be making some changes to the site’s appearance, it’s structure and how the classifying process works, especially when the telescope is active. This is in preparation for live follow-ups being activated shortly after the ATA is operational again. Watch for further details here and on the Talk forum. Thank you very much for your dedication and continued participation in SETILive. We think you’ll like the changes that are coming.



5 responses to “ATA Scheduled Shutdown”

  1. Mark Fritz says :

    I hope you start getting a bigger response, lately there are between 0 and 3 people classifying. I’m really sorry to see this. Anyway I know you are interested in actually finding proof of extraterrestrial intelligence, so with that said, if you have an installed version of the WWT | Mars software you can locate an image in the HIRISE single images > Landscape Evolution > A-Landscape Evolution > Acheron Fossae : Terrain in Acheron Fossae region (14.5 km) (It’s the second Archeron Fossae image scan). Rotate the image using the alt key to make it vertical and the mine is about 1/3 the way down just a bit to the right of the false color stripe in the middle of the scan. The mine is a clearly visible spot from from 16 Km up but this image looks best when viewed 237 meters. The mine is big enough to drive a semi-truck through. I have contacted NASA and the U of Ariz. I have received no response. They posted the image and didn’t look at it evidently. I know you are interested, if not, perhaps this is why there are so few people classifying here.

    • Leon Kuhlmann says :

      Sorry wrong Name,
      i hope an moderator can delete my first post,
      so i repeat:
      Ithink the problem is, you haven`t any picture like at the milky way project.

    • David LaJafollet. says :

      This is a bit late, but I thought I’d leave a thought or two in response to your posting, and perhaps those at SETILive may see it. I, like many, started out most enthusiastically on SETILive but began to encounter persistent website problems. Crucially, I found that almost every time I logged on, and tried to start classifying signals, the website locked up, and stopped loading. I’ve tried both FIrefox and IE9 and Safari. I wont use the Google browser, for several reasons but that’s another story. I’ve notified the website, like others have, but to no visible effect. So, I finally ceased to visit the website. I see they have gone offline for a time but are they back up? They do not exactly keep the website up to date. Such an attitude can rub off: if they cannot be bothered, perhaps this is why few others can, at present?

      • Jon richards (@jrseti) says :

        David, I share your frustration. There is a new version of SETILive in the works which will address all of these issues. Also, this new version will have a real time feedback loop to the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) – meaning – if enough people see the right kind of signal the ATA will immediately revisit that signal to take another look. So, stay tuned.

  2. breaking news says :

    You have remarked very interesting points ! ps decent site. “‘We’re always lucky,’ I said and like a fool I did not knock on wood.” by Ernest Hemingway.

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