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Improved Site on its Way… Follow-Ups, New Look and More

UPDATE: We’re now LIVE! Check it out at www.setilive.org

The long saga of follow-ups has finally progressed to where we can say, as far as we’re able to test it, follow-ups now work and have already been quietly enabled on the SETILive site. We have also been working on how the site looks, how we deliver waterfall data to you and frankly, taking a hard look at what we’ve been asking you to do. So, within a few days, you’ll have what we think is a much-improved site; more responsive, higher waterfall quality, better tutorial and clearer about what’s going on and what’s expected of you. We deployed the changes to the site on today,¬†Tuesday, November 13 at around noon Central Standard Time.


It is a fairly complex task to convert your clicks on a waterfall diagram to a collective decision that it either might be, or is definitely not ET and then send the correct parameters to the ATA so it knows exactly where to look for the signal several minutes later and do this within a deadline. That said, it has taken longer than anyone would have liked and we apologize for that. One part of the reason is that we’ve also been working on both the visible and internal workings of your primary experience, the “Classify” page, including some things specific to the follow-up process.

SETILive gets darker

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Classify page is darker – not in character like Darth Vader or the Dark Knight, but more along the lines of their style of dress. Read More…